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My Name is Francesco I am Italian born and bred and I am a Business Developer by Profession. Being my own boss and creating business opportunities has always been my goal since I started my working career, over 20 years ago. Needless to say how difficult that was for someone who has always worked as an employee, with no capital to invest and, yes, sometimes lacking of ideas too..

One fine day thinking of that 'someone' who said "Be Foolish, Stay Hungry" I said to myself: "I must be on the right track! I started concentrating on what I do best, on market needs an and how I can fit in: Thousands of small and medium enterprises and Individuals are on the look for Italian Products. However, many of the most interesting Italian producers are small & medium enterprises with no English speaking sales office, some of them are not even present online. 

Here is where I fit: with years of work for Italian companies overseas I have built a strong network of contacts with firms and agents in Italy practically covering any area of business. If I do not know someone, surely, I know someone who knows..;) 

Strictly sticking to your requirements I will be sourcing the right company and products proposing you the best solution and assisting you during the entire research and purchasing process.

Thanks to my extensive experience in transport and logistics I can also assist you with providing recommendations or taking direct care of shipping your products safely right to your door. My aim is to offer a personalised service considering a success if you see me more as a partner or a friend rather than a service company to deal with. Strategically based in Malta, I am regularly in Italy travelling from North to South visiting companies, exploring opportunities and, of course, assisting customers.

Nothing more to add than encouraging you to contact me for any enquiries  you might have :)

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